Monday, August 6, 2012

Upcoming Vera Bradley - Part of Fall 2012

Here is a picture that a friend shared with me from a catalog that she picked up at her local Vera Bradley.  You can see a couple of the new Vera Bradley key chains...there will also be a bird one...and the red micro fiber!  I dont know if the micro fiber is coming out August 30th, but my guess is that we will have to wait a couple of weeks.  It sure is pretty though! 

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  1. I wish they would just release everything already!! I want to get a new purse, but I want to wait until all the fall items are released before I decide. Maybe I'll go visit my local store that sells Vera today! :-)

  2. I have my heart set on the redesigned Weekender! I love this red microfiber though! Time to start saving and pinching pennies

  3. This is Vera Bradley Japanese Face book page.
    They have some new Items.
    Mini Chain Bag, Mom's Day Out, Pet Accessary Tote and more.
    I can't wait for them!


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