Thursday, August 9, 2012

Too Many Catalogs!

This week I am packing so that I can move into a new place next week. Last time moved I had to toss a bunch of Vera Bradley shopping bags, this time I think I am going to toss all these catalogs! I can't keep moving them around!


  1. Oh, I know. I can't get rid of mine, either, though I know I really should at some point. You should give them away. Sometimes I see them for sale on eBay, seriously!

  2. I agree with Annie! They'll sell on eBay!

  3. I just wanted to say that I recently found your blog and I can't stop reading it! (I'm working my way backward, currently in Feb. 2011.)

    I've always "sort of liked" VB bags (have a couple of totes in Daisy Daisy bought for a trip a few years ago) but never got into the purses. Then, I saw Deco Daisy and, OMG, was I hooked!

    Anyway, love love love the blog and felt compelled to write a comment because I'm in the DC area too. Lucky me, I am about 20 minutes from the Leesburg Outlets.

    20% off today until Sunday, by the way. Was just there yesterday and they have a lot of the discontinued styles, lots of Large Hobos, Stephanies, and Angle Totes, among other things. My mom wants a bag so I'll be heading out again tomorrow. LOL

    Keep up the good work! If I see you around, I will say hello! :-)


  4. Oh Allison if you do sell on eBay send me the link! Or better yet just sell them to me! haha

  5. How do you get catalogs? Can you subscribe? Or are they like in house at the stores? I'm still jonesing for a store out here in Vegas. I've lodged a complaint/request on the VB facebook page, but I feel like they shrug it off because we have private boutiques that sell pieces. But man, is it not the same. I wish I knew whose ear to really try to get about it.

    1. You have to sign up to receive catalogs. I dont know if it can be done online, so I would contact customer service. I signed up at a Vera Bradley store.


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