Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Vera Bradley Back to Campus Catalog for Fall 2012

Yesterday was the big day! The first set of Vera Bradley Fall 2012 colors were released: Indigo Pop, Va Va Bloom and Paisley Meets Plaid.  I love these colors, they are so bright and fun!  I picked up an Indigo Pop Hipster during the preview and I love using it.  It goes great when I am just wearing a basic t-shirt and a pair of jeans.  I can't wait to pick up something in Va Va Bloom!  I thought this one was a little bright when I saw it at the preview and wasnt too excited about any of the pieces they were previewing it in, but now I am excited to check it out in a Mailbag or maybe the Smartphone Wristlet.  I will have to see if I can make it to a Vera Bradley store this week! 

I picked up a copy of the Vera Bradley Back to Campus Catalog last week on my vacation to California.  Here are the photos of the catalog, but it can also be found online by clicking here.  Check out the Vera Bradley video at the bottom of the post too! 

If you picked up one of the new styles, I would love to hear about it!  Leave a comment and let us all know what you think! 

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  1. Hey Alison! I saw you were saying about the new Smart Phone Wristlet....I bought it yesterday in Limes Up and also bought the Va Va Bloom off of QVC....I am quite impressed, it is seriously perfect! I would highly recommend getting one :o)

    And as you said, Va Va Bloom is way cuter in person!

  2. I checked them out at my local VB store, which was giving away both the Market Tote and a cute eyeglass cloth in Indigo Pop in a cute little charm bag. Here's what I loved: the fleece blanket (unbelievably soft and well worth the price), the new Messenger bag (it doesn't slump like the old one does when it's full), the locker mirror, the iPad folio. Here's what I didn't like: the organizer (too small and chintzy for $24), the towel set (VERY THIN towel -- nothing like the wonderful beach towels). Neutral on the bath wrap--I loved the indigo pop, but it was a little thin. On the other hand, most bath wraps are rather bulky so maybe some people will really love it.

  3. Allison, I got the mailbag in Indigo Pop and love it! It isn't too big for me, but a much nicer size than the Hipster. Hipsters were my favorites, but now it will be the mailbag. It is perfect for me to carry all of my stuff and my Nook tablet too. It is tall rather than wide and my full size wallet and checkbook fit in easily long ways.

  4. I just bought the new Smartphone Wristlet for my daughter as a birthday present. She and I saw it at a preview of the collection last weekend, and she decided on Priscilla Pink. She already has the All In One Wristlet in Watercolor and loves it, but it doesn't hold her Droid phone. She was so disappointed that she couldn't get the new wristlet in Watercolor - her favorite pattern - but I know she'll enjoy her new wristlet. It's a big improvement for those who carry the larger phones. :)

  5. I got the new Mini Hipster in Va Va Bloom. I originally wanted it in Paisley Meets Plaid, but when my husband showed be the Va Va Bloom, I had to have that pattern. I was originally interested in the Mailbag, but I'm not sure if I like it now that I saw it in person. My store did not have the Super Smart Wristlet or the Quick Swipe ID, but I like the way they look online.

  6. I got the mailbag in paisley meets plaid and also the wristlet in paisley meets plaid - also got a free lunch date lunch box in paisley meets plaid since I spent over $100 (my local Hallmark started the promo for the lunch box early). I ordered the TSV crossbody hobo from QVC and according to UPS tracking info I should be receiving my order tomorrow (Thursday). It looks like my TSV shipped from somewhere in PA and I live in PA which explains the speedy shipment. I was indecisive at midnight when I was ordering, and so I missed out on the smartphone wristlet on QVC, but I quickly ordered the TSV in paisley meets plaid and I am now tempted to get one in Va Va Bloom, because it looks so pretty! It reminds me of Symphony in Hue. The only reason I didn't buy the TSV in both patterns was due to the inability to wash the bags.

    The mailbag is around the same size as the old mailbag (a tad smaller though I think) but this restyled mailbag is much better. I love the flap that comes up to reveal a large pocket (can even fit an iPad in a case) and a smaller pocket. There is a back zip pocket in addition to the main large zip pocket. In the main zip pocket, there are a couple of slip pockets too. The mailbag sits nice and flush against your body thanks to the styling of the straps.

    I got the wristlet - I like how it expands to fit receipts, etc and it has 4 card slots plus a small zipper compartment. I am considering getting a smartphone wristlet, but I am torn between it and the super smart wristlet, which none of the stores seem to have, and I can't bring myself to pay the $8 shipping online. I am going to a Best Friends event at a local (1.5 hours away) sig store on Saturday morning, so I have been relatively good for now but will probably get a couple more pieces on Saturday. I am eying up the strap wallet, three-o tote or campus tote, and maybe a zip id case, but we'll see.

  7. Fall colors are here, woohoo!! But now I'm waiting for August 31...

    Love the blog!! It's always neat to network with other Vera lovers.

  8. I got the QVC Today Special Value in Paisley Meets Plaid, and I really love it. Very comfortable to wear, and so pretty!

  9. I grabbed the double zip backpack in Indigo Pop (obsessed) during their Lunch with a Friend promo so I got the Lunch Date in the same pattern. I love both! I even use the lunch date as a purse so I can show it off lol. I'm a college student and the double zip seems like a new version of the Bookbag, which I wanted but I wanted Indigo Pop more and the Bookbag didn't come in the new patterns! It's the perfect size.


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