Monday, July 30, 2012

OhMyVera: International Readers

So through Google Analytics I can tell a little about my blog readers and know that I have readers all over the place, but recently I have started getting contacted by more international readers! 

The most recent was from a reader in Japan and she is a fellow blogger, so I just wanted to share her blog with you. I love the layout of it!

I have also heard from readers in Costa Rica and Australia in the last week!

It is really fun to hear from Vera Bradley fans from around the world.  Some of you might not realize, but Vera Bradley doesn't ship internationally, so it can be hard to get the bags in other countries.  That is what most of the emails are about. 

So if you are reading this from another country, it would be great to hear where you are!  Please leave a comment and let us know where you are from and maybe share your favorite Vera Bradley bag or color. 

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  1. I'm from the US, but actually Vera Bradley does sell in Japan! Here's a link to a post on Inside Stitch about it and the link to the VB Japan website:

  2. I'm from Australia and get most of my VB from The Silver Needle in Tulsa, OK. They ship internationally!! Yay!

    Not only do I wish VB would ship internationally but if they'd accept an overseas credit card, I could get them shipped to my friend who skips between Australia & the USA about 11 times a year!

    I can't tell you my fave VB colour at the moment cos I'm not sure. I just got a Lizzy in Lime's Up & I love that one but I also love Plum Petals, Baroque & Deco Daisy.

  3. Dear Alison ! From Japan ...I'm Showko !! Thank you for introducing me^^   

    I was able to make friends with The Japanese who lives in the United States !

    I am looking forward to see VB New color in your site.

    I cannot thank you enough^^

  4. Just tried to order a VB bag from the US for my mother in England via, which pretends to sell them. The shipping quote was outrageous because amazon doesn't actually sell them: they're shipped at extortionate charge from the US, so that idea got trashed. If you have friends in the US, and have the time, buy one there (e.g. via, free shipping available to within the US). First-class mail for an average VB soft tote in a large padded envelope would be < $20 to the UK. Amazon, and indeed VB, quote shipping from the US at ca. 27 BP, i.e. 2-1/2 times that rate.

    They are great bags, but watch out if you're buying outside the US!


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