Monday, June 25, 2012

New Vera Bradley Store in Bethesda, Maryland

Last Friday a new store opened up in Bethesda, MD!  I am so excited about this store, because it is relatively close to wear I live so I will have options when I want to go to Vera Bradley!

On Thursday the store was open to the public for a Friends and Family event, so I headed up there to check it out!  It is a really lovely store, check out the photos below!

I really enjoyed running into familiar faces and meeting new people.  When Vera Bradley opens up a new store, they bring in staff from other stores to help with training and opening the store.  Everyone in the store was so friendly and so helpful, I really can't wait to go back and do some more shopping!

Here is the store from outside

Window display with Summer Cottage

Dresser in the entrance with a photo of Vera Bradley. I love the wallpaper in all of the Vera Bradley stores and this one was no different.

Wider shot of the whole store. There couch arrived, but apparently got damaged by a forklift, so they are waiting for a new one to arrive.  The other furniture looks great though!  The chandeliers are so pretty!

Dresser in the middle of the store that had cookies and water. 

 Yum, these cookies are from Cookie Cottage and they are so yummy! They are sugar cookies with frosting on top.  They haven't had these at the last couple of parties I have gone too, so I was excited that they had them! 

 I was also excited to see that they have the phone cases in more colors! I picked one up in Va Va Bloom, but when the case is on it doesn't fit on the docking station and it is hard to take on and off, so back in the box it went.  

Nice display in the middle of the store.  I loved this polka dot ottoman.   

Here is a photo of me earlier that day sporting my Poppy Fields Charleston Tote.  I got a lot of compliments on my bag and my necklace.  The necklace is from Lady Lee and Drew Jones store on Etsy.  

I had enough self control that the cookie made it home!  I was so tempted to eat it in the car! 

My purchases...The phone case was the only thing for me, the rest are gifts...and I think the phone case is going back :( 

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  1. Omg I have to have the Limes Up phone case for my iPhone! I have the Paisley Meets Plaid one already, I do agree they're hard to get off and on but it looks adorable and everyone comments on it!

  2. Boo hoo about the phone case! Could you just charge the phone on a desk, but I suppose it would be more cumbersome.

    1. It doesnt fit on my speaker dock, so I can't play the music nice and loud.

  3. Has the Vera Bradley Frill line of bags been discontinued? I love those bags,lol.

  4. Oh just go on ebay and buy a dock extender - you can get them for under $10 and it extends the plug on your dock so you can use ANY CASE on your iPhone and still plug it up - we have them on both our speaker docks and LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!!

    This one is $6.99 with free shipping and I saw they had it in white too - we have one in black for our black dock and one it white for our white dock :)


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