Friday, June 1, 2012

How I Wore It - Summer Cottage & Canvas

I am hunkered down at home because my area is under a tornado warning.  I had to look up 'wall cloud' today.  This stuff is all new to me, I dont think we had any tornado warnings last spring/summer.  And we definitely never had any in San Diego!  It is kind of fun to watch the rain come down though, plus we have intermittent thunder and lightening.  

So that has me thinking about the nice summer days that are ahead.  This week I wore my Summer Cottage Scarf and used my Clutch Cosmetic in Sunshine Yellow!  So summery! 


  1. Beautiful! Be careful during the tornado alerts. It's fun to be blown away by Vera Bradley, but not by a tornado.


  2. Super cute! I just back to Sig store after a long break and finally saw the latest batch of colors in person. Really wanted a mini hipster while on sale, they were out of it in Pricilla Pink but they ordered it and are going to send it to my house for free. Did you know that did that? I was so thrilled :) Picked up a Frill wallet in Happy Snails. I had resisted the urge to take advantage of the 50% sale but when I saw it the very same day in store and it was 40% was meant to be.

  3. Love your scarf. I saw one in the store that was poorly made and had lots of threads and a snags along the edges so I decided to order one in Summer Cottage instead. Well, I tried 2 and they were both defective so I decided owning this scarf is not meant to be.....


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