Monday, October 24, 2011

Vera Bradley Shipping Boxes

My Vera Bradley package just arrived! I ordered a Large Duffel in Versailles and a Pleated Tote in Pink Elephants last week when Versailles was on sale for 60% off! I was so excited that they arrived today, but when I went downstairs to pick up my box I was not impressed with how the box held up in transit.  Some of my friends have had their boxes fall apart in transit, but haven't had too many problems because the last couple of orders came in small boxes.  These big boxes seem more flimsy.  I think that Vera Bradley needs to purchase better shipping boxes and use a little more tape!

This end of the box wasnt taped and since it wasnt taped the box ripped at the corner.  Could have used a little more tape!

This corner got pretty bumped up, but at least it didnt open up. 

This corner didnt hold up as well, YIKES!

Apparently someone, either at the front desk of my building or maybe at the post office tried to tape this corner shut for me...thanks for trying! 

You cant really tell in this photo, but the top of the box was all bent it, you can kind of tell by the way the light reflects on the purple.  And you can see the corners are pretty banged up.  At least what was inside was fine, but if it had to travel any further I dont know if the one side of the box would have held up (at the top of the photo).  All of my bags could have just slipped out.  But they didnt and now I am the proud owner of a new Large Duffel and Pleated Tote.  

Come on Vera Bradley, help FedEx handle our bags with care!


  1. The box for my wristlet came pretty banged up, too. If I were giving it as a gift, I would have been disappointed in the condition of the interior box. The wristlet was fine though, so that's something. :)

  2. My box was fine/intact and contained all of the sale items, however i was missing my carry it all wristlet in Suzani. It was the only full price item i bought, I was pretty disappointed. I too bought the pleated tote in pink elephants, very cute.

  3. I too bought the large duffel in Versailles and the pleated tote in pink elephants. I also bought a tech case in call me coral and a vera in versailles to get to the $100 mark for the free shipping.

  4. I had the same problem, so I called Vera Bradley customer service and explained the situation. They were very helpful and actually refunded the cost of my shipping charges. May be something to look into.


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