Thursday, October 20, 2011

Vera Bradley Under Cover Laptop Skin

My laptop just got an upgrade!  I decided to pick up a Vera Bradley Under Cover Laptop Skin to protect the top of my laptop.  I went with Lemon Parfait because the greys match the silver.  I love it!  I was a little worried that it might leave sticky stuff when I peel it off, but the woman at the store reassured me that it will come off clean...and when I was putting it on and saw the sticky side my worries went away.


  1. That's beautiful, Alison! I just ordered one from the VB website. What size is your laptop? Mine is 17", so I think I may come up short, but at the sale price of $6.40, I thought I'd try it.


  2. I have a laptop skin in Barcelona for my MacBook Pro. I didn't want to cover up the glowing apple logo, so after I sized and stuck it on, I used a pen knife to cut out the shape of the apple, then peeled off the apple shapes.


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