Thursday, October 27, 2011

My latest Vera Bradley purchases!

My first Large Duffel! I have never purchased a Large Duffel because I already owned an XL Duffel and figured whatever I would put in a Large I could just carry in an XL, but when they were on sale for $32, I just had to pick one up! I decided on Versailles, because I dont have anything in that color yet and I really love the blues in it.  One of the neat things about the one that they sent me is that it has almost the same exact pattern placement on each side! I dont think that I have ever seen a large print bag with the same print on each side.  You can see what I mean in the photos below.  I also purchased a Pleated Tote in Pink Elephants! I only have a Coin Purse and Medium Bow Cosmetic in that print.

Here is the top of my duffel!

Here is one side

And here is the other! The prints is only a few inches off from the other side.

Pink Elephants Pleated Tote!!! 


  1. I bought a PE pleated tote when they were on sale too! :)

  2. Ha! I also bought a large duffel in versailles and the bag is also symmetrical pattern placement with the exception of the two ends of the bag. I also got a pleated tote in pink elephants! And I got a Vera in versailles and a call me coral tech case (so I could reach that $100 mark for free shipping.

  3. I bought the PE pleated tote too, what i did not realize before i bought it is that it really complements the pink in my purple punch large duffle and cooler that i already own.
    What a bonus. Debbie


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