Monday, April 26, 2010

Back from Vacation!

I had a great time in Northern California this weekend. Here are some photos.

Amber picked up a Paprika Bucket Tote and Hope Garden Taxi Wallet for me at the preview party/sale last month and had it waiting for me when I got there. She also bought me a Beach Towel! I love it! She also had collected a couple of water bottles.

My new Bucket Tote was perfect for the Pacific baseball game, since our colors are orange and black.

The Vera Bradley in Roseville.

Water bottles in Night and Day, Make Me Blush and Call Me Coral


  1. How does the Bucket Tote compare to the Vera? My Mesa Red Vera bag, God rest its colorful soul, is now nearing the end of its life.

    Also, do you have a recommendation for the best style bag to use as a lightweigt gym bag?

  2. The Bucket Tote is pretty small compared to the Vera. If you want something smaller than the Vera maybe go with the regular tote.

    I use a Miller bag as my gym bag because everything seems to fit in pretty well. Some people use a small duffel, but I have never bought a small duffel because they look too small for anything I would want to use it for.

    Unless you go to ebay, the only things on are the Mesa Red Vera and Large Duffel.


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