Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Vera Bradley Signature Store - Roseville, Ca

The Roseville Signature Store (sometimes I call it the Sacramento Signature Store) is the one that I am going to get to go visit in less than two weeks! I still haven’t seen the new summer colors in person, so I think that I will just wait until I am in Sacramento to go see them.

My first time going to Roseville store was with my friend Alissa! We met in Roseville and she had her son Jake with her. I think there was a specific reason I that I really wanted to go. Maybe stuff had gone on sale and I wanted to check it out. I do remember what Alissa got! A Peacock Small Cosmetic Bag.

The Roseville Signature Store is about the same size as the one in Hawaii. It is on a corner and has two doors. The store has a great set up and I love the way all the Vera’s are displayed. The last time I went there was just after Christmas time and I picked up an ornament for my Mom. I can’t wait to go back soon!

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