Friday, April 16, 2010

Vera and Mother's Day

Vera Bradley seems to be doing everything in their power to remind me that Mother's Day is around the corner. I have bought my Mom a lot of her Vera Bradley collection. She has picked up some pieces along the way, but they make sure great Birthday and Christmas gifts that I always seem to be picking something up for her. The last thing I got her was an ornament from the Roseville Signature Store. I am sure she will read this today and tell me that she doesnt need anymore Vera, but maybe she will surprise me and there will be something she wants.

Here is a picture of her Vera cabinet! I wish I had a cabinet for my Vera!

I am going to visit my Grandma next week on my trip to Sacramento. It would be fun to take her to the signature store and maybe get a purse. A Hipster or Mini Hipster might work perfect for her.

PS. Mother's Day is Sunday, May 9th
UPDATE: When I got to work today there was a Vera Bradley Mother's Day catalogue on my desk. It is a really nice catalogue, makes it so tempting to buy more stuff.

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