Thursday, January 9, 2014

Vera Bradley Website Redesign

Last night Vera Bradley unveiled a redesigned website! It has a clean, crisp feel to me.  Not a whole lot of changes, but just a nice facelift if you ask me. 

The product pages are a pretty much the same to me, but maybe you will notice more changes that me. 

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  1. It didn't load very well for me, but maybe that's because there's a lot of traffic with the new styles being released, or maybe there are some glitches still. They also haven't put all of the new products online, like the new scarves and jewelry!

  2. The product details are not loading for me and the font is all fuzzy. Still some kinks to work out.

  3. Everything loaded just fine. The site still has the same problem for me; no matter how you look at things, whether by page or view all, when you hit the back button it takes you back to the first page of items, not the page you were on.
    Very aggravating.

  4. I don't much care for the redesign, as I'm not a big fan of navy blue. The site feels a little cold to me!

    Has anyone else noticed that the Miller bag isn't available in the Spring 2014 colors? Are they redesigning it?

  5. I like the new look and to me I can tell details on the pictures better it looks more clear. The only thing is the mobile site on my I phone it not working right. When I click on a item it brings it up but doesn't show the picture. And also when you get to the bottom of the page it doesn't give me the option to go to the next page. So my laptop works really good but my phone doesn't.

  6. Haven't clicked thru yet, but does anyone else miss the archive of old patterns? I LOVED the way you could build/review your entire collection at a glance. #verasince95 #imOCDtoo

  7. I can't get it to work worth a hoot !!!! Partial loading, font is all fuzzy ! they need to UNDO their new design if you ask me ! I had no problems with the old site. can't do a thing with the new one. Sure can't place an order !


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