Friday, January 3, 2014

Vera Bradley New Shipping Packaging

Did Vera Bradley listen to their customers and the complaints about some of the boxes and tape they use when they ship??? All my recent purchases have come in boxes, but something I ordered and had delivered to my parents house while I was home from Christmas arrived in this bag with a pattern on it that is similar to the inside of the Canterberry prints. It is perfect for the throw blanket I ordered.  

I wonder what other items they are shipping in these mailers, so leave a comment if you have received an order in one. 

Don't mind the Christmas mess in the background :) 

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  1. most of the gifts and the purchases I made for myself arrived in mailers this holiday season.. which is great because everytime a giant Vera Bradley box arrives at our doorstep my husband has a mini-heartattck thinking I went overboard with shopping.

  2. Ok I have received a item in this bag and I've got to say that I didn't like it. The reason for it is when I received the item it had a hole in it. You could tell the the bag had gotten snagged on something and ripped a hole about the size of a half dollar. I was not very happy. Because what I ordered was a mail bag pocket book and it wasn't wrapped in anything the pocket book was just in there by its self. So thankfully the pocket book didn't get wet or didn't rip when the bag ripped. Or even just get dirty. So I'm not very happy about the bag.

  3. I got my mom a mailbag and it came in the plastic bag. I ordered a wristlet and a pair of gloves a week later and they came in a box. I'm not sure what the thinking was there. I don't mind the plastic.

  4. LOL to your first commenter!!! sounds like my husband too! i love the style/look of the mailers, but if they get ripped that could be a concern for sure! I love that pattern though!

  5. I received my item from Vera Bradley today in that same packaging and I by far love it. It's very cute and nothing was wrong with it at all. :)

  6. I think it is another way for Vera Bradley to cut their cost, which is not being forwarded to their customers. A mailer is far less protection than a box.

  7. I actually did not receive my items in that type of packaging, I received the normal box with the colorful interior with the writing on the flaps inside. However, my item was somewhat large (Companion Attache) so maybe they were doing that for the holidays or will be doing it for smaller items that fit?


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