Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Infinity Scarves from Jessica at Boutique Inspired Designs

Jessica at Boutique Inspired Designs now has infinity scarves!   Any scarf she makes, she can make into a infinity scarf. 
Long Scarf 85" - $20.00
Short Scarf 65" - $16.00
Infinity 70" Circle $18.00
FREE shipping with code: OHMYVERA
They come in amazing colors that match your favorite Vera Bradley colors!
Check them out:

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  1. Love infinity scarves! What are these scarves made of? Could you accessorize wuth these in the spring?

  2. Hi Diane, Jessica here :) They are made of acrylic yarn, which is the most common type of yarn, like what you would find in any craft store. They are fairly tightly crocheted, and are usually used for winter, so they might be a bit too much for warm weather. However, I can use a very large crochet hook to make the weave more lose which would result in a very cute spring-friendly scarf. I'm happy to work something out with you if you are interested, you can always send me a message on etsy, or via email at Thanks!


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