Friday, January 11, 2013

Ebates & Ebags 32% off new Spring Vera Bradley items!

Want to get an amazing deal on some of the brand new Spring Vera Bradley items???

Ebates currently has 12% cash back at  Then Ebags has 20% off some of the new styles: 

Large Laptop Tote: $70.40 (reg $88)
Tablet Hipster: $52 ($65)
Little Flap Hipster: $40 ($50)
Stay Cooler $20 ($36)
Kiss n Snap Wallet $28.80  ($36)
Mirror Cosmetic $22.40 ($28)
Grand Cosmetic $32 ($42)

PLUS free shipping!  
UPDATE: OhMyVera reader Danielle just let me know that you can use COMJRMN1 on Ebags to save 25% off the new items when you spend $75+!  So give that one a try!

So sign up for Ebates if you haven't already!

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Ebates Coupons and Cash Back


  1. The Clare is also 20% off. I will be getting one in Midnight Blues

  2. Sorry, folks, but I called eBags and they said the 20% does NOT apply to Vera Bradley purchases!! You do get free shipping and you do get "points" that you can apply, but 20% is NOT applicable. On the Vera Bradley page, where there is a banner headline there is an asterisk next to the 20% off and it did say it is not applicable. Maybe you guys were just lucky or they changed the prices during the day!!

  3. Yes. They must have corrected the error bc I know several people who got the discount.

  4. Glad I ordered early because I got the hookup on my Clare. Now just waiting to get my tracking number...


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