Monday, December 3, 2012

How Much Can I Fit Into a Two Way Tote?

On a recent trip to San Francisco I learned how much I could fit into a Two Way Tote and let me tell you I was impressed!  San Francisco now charges 10 cents a bag, so the first couple of stores I said that I didnt need a bag because everything would fit in my tote, but then I was on a mission to not have to pay for a shopping bag. 
By the end of the day you could barely see into my bag.  Luckily our last stop was a market just a couple of blocks from my friend's apartment. 

Here is a look at everything in the tote!
Two boxes of crackers, a block of cheese, ballet flats, Gharidelli chocolate, Vera Bradley gift box, lanyard, zip id, postcard, Sunglasses case, two sets of earrings, water bottle, two pairs of tights, Accordion Wallet, umbrella, Tune In, two small packs of yogurt covered raisins, keys, bangle bracelets,  card holder, chapstick and pen! Wow, that is a lot of stuff! 
Next time I am in San Francisco I won't forget my Vera Bradley market bags! 

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  1. Other than the spaciousness of it, are you enjoying the Two-Way Tote? I recently purchased it but haven't yet used it. I really miss the Pleated Tote - I have an old one in Bali Blue - hoping they will update it and bring it back.

    1. I do really like it! I like that I can wear it across my body. If I fill it up too much, then it wont snap shut, but that is the only issue that I have so far.


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