Monday, November 5, 2012

YouTube Find: Things My Wife Makes Me Buy

A friend came across this video on YouTube and I thought that it would be funny to share.  This guy has a YouTube channel where he posted about what his wife makes him buy.  Most of the time he is complaining about how much she buys and how much she spends, but in this one he is impressed with how much they spent...or didnt spend at Vera Bradley.  

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  1. Happiest day of his life! That was great!

  2. "I'm more happy than the day my daughter was born..." LMAO!!!!! This guy is HILARIOUS!

  3. true, the paper, the big, the envelop......the sarcasim....but I love my Vera's!!

  4. That was cute. He did a great job sharing the experience.

  5. Funny. "it looks like someone just pooped" He was giggling.


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