Sunday, November 4, 2012

Winter 2012 Vera Bradley Purchases

I went to Vera Bradley yesterday to check out the new Winter 2012 items.  I was really looking forward to seeing them and I knew that I wanted to pick up a Two Way Tote in English Rose.  The store has a beautiful winter display in the window! 

 Vera Bradley store front

Tree of Wonder...I think that's what they said. 

 English Rose

Vote for you favorite tote!  Vote for your favorite for a chance to win a Two Way Tote! 

A bunch of the new winter items.  

Inside photo of the window display 

Some of the anniversary bags along with some others 

My purchases: Little Black Bag & Two Way Tote in English Rose 

The inside of the Little Black Bag has a slip pocket and a small zipper pocket 

I think this style is going to be one of my favorites! 

There is a zipper pocket on one side 

And three slip in pockets on the other 

The back is the same as the front and has a border stripe down the middle 

Cookie in Dogwood 

Below are two photos I took at the Hallmark in the mall.  I went in to check out what they had, but didnt buy anything from there. 
There displays are a little more packed than the ones at Vera Bradley, it can be kind of overwhelming to go through it all.  I did check out the bangles and belts while I was there. I definitely would like both!

Cute little Christmas tree decorated with Vera Bradley ornaments. 

Did you buy anything from the Winter 2012 line yet? 

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  1. Your choices are great. I love the Tree of Wonder. When I watched QVC I saw the Mini Chain Bag. I fell in love. When I got to my local(privately owned)store I saw the Little Hipster and fell in love. I also fell in love with Ribbons and really like English Rose( when I saw the photos you posted a long time ago I was not digging any of the patterns). I debated in my head if I should use my Nov. Birthday card to get then Mini Chain Bag or the Little Hipster. I carry enough to fill an East West Tote. I thought " how do I pair down to use one of these new cute bags?" I took a look at them both and I also looked at other items. All I could think about is that Mini Chain Bag. So even though I carry a lot I still got the Mini Chain Bag in Ribbons( I love Pink and I love that bags shades of pink). My mom told me that I am going to have to wait until Nov.23rd(my 31st birthday) to use the bag. She said she is going to wrap it up and everything. I plan to use it for Christmas morning when we head over to my Gram's house.

  2. I have been eyeing the Two way tote. And I love the English rose pattern. I haven't bought anything in the Winter 2012 patterns yet but I'm sure I will. I'm still wearing my Indigo pop cross body from QVC and my Portobello Road Laura.

  3. I wanted the two way tote in English rose until I saw it in person at a colorful day last month. If the small handle folded down when using the long handle...that would rock! I bought a plush throw in English Rose. ER is sooo growing on me.

  4. I picked up a Glenna in Suzani. I'm waiting for the Spring colors to get a Little Hipster - I'll have to decide between the blue & plum.

  5. I picked up a Glenna in black microfiber - LOVE IT!!

  6. I decided to support my local retailers (who are all nervous because a Vera Bradley store is opening here next spring!) and I got a mailbag in Dogwood (have been coveting it for months now!) and a Little Hipster in Dogwood. One retailer had leftover market totes in Dogwood and gave me one for free! So I guess I'll still be supporting my locals even after the store opens!

    Wondering about this birthday card ... I visited a VB Outlet a few months ago and signed up. My birthday luckily is in December!

    1. The birthday card should come to you about a week before Dec. and its $20 towards a $20 or more purchase to be used only in the month of your birthday.

    2. And if for some reason it doesnt arrive, just tell them that it is your birthday month and they will give you the discount.


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