Thursday, November 8, 2012

Headed to California

I'm flying to California this morning! I hope the airline is nice to my new luggage!

I'll be in California for just over two weeks and will still do some blogging while I am there.

I had lots of Vera Sightings this morning but there were way too many people around to take any photos. My favorite is always when a guy has to carry a Vera. This morning a guy at security had a Night and Day Large Duffel.


  1. The luggage is beautiful!!!! Safe travels!!!

  2. So let us know where you are headed in CA. Will you have a chance to visit any of our VB stores? Is this a vacation or work? Welcome to California!

  3. I love seeing guys with Vera haha. have fun in beautiful Cali! (:

  4. Just got this set. I will use part of it on my trip to Las Vegas in January! I can't wait! Have fun in Cali


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