Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Reader Questions - What is the best Vera Bradley product for storing by kids hair accessories?

I receive emails pretty regularly from OhMyVera! readers and most of them are questions, so I think that it would be fun to answer some of those questions on the blog.  I am sure if one person has a question there are others with the same question, plus you all can help provide answers in the comments if you have other ideas or comments. 

So today's question is: What is the best Vera Bradley product for storing my kids' hair accessories, including their headbands?

While Vera Bradley doesn't make anything in particular for storing hair accessories, I think there are some good options out there for storing them.  Here are my top five choices, in no particular order: 

Hatbox Cosmetic: This has hard sides so it wont flop at all while you are digging around the for the perfect hair tie. The large area would be great for headbands and there are some smaller zip pockets you could put hair ties or bobbie pins in. 

Home and Away Cosmetic: Like the Hatbox it has a large area that will work great for headbands.  You could use the smaller side pockets for smaller hair accessories. 

Large Cosmetic: This cosmetic bag is also large enough to hold headbands as well as your other hair accessories, although smaller items might get lost or tangled at the bottom of this larger cosmetic.

Ditty Bag: This is one of my go to bags, you really can pack just about anything in it.  Again, this one might be a little too large and smaller items might get lost in the bottom.  It will fit all of your accessories though!

Vera Bradley Vanity Box: This item is retired, but there are still some out there.  It was part of their Frill line that is made with the inside patterns from bags.  This would be perfect for storing hair accessories on your dresser or counter. 

Is the option you would use missing?  Leave a comment to share what you think!

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  1. I personally use the Mini Hanging Organizer for my hair things, but this is just when I'm traveling. It started out in college when I'd have to go away on the weekends for colorguard competitions and needed somewhere to keep bobby pins, small hair ties, large hair ties, etc... and now I use it for travel because I can also store barrettes, my pick, and even q-tips in the one compartment. I've found that it's just the right size for me =)

  2. Thank you for this post! I've been looking for a way to organize my headbands. I think the Hatbox or the Home and Away will work perfectly.

  3. I use the hatbox cosmetic for all of my headbands and hair accessories. It works amazingly!

  4. The Keep It Up organizer sounds like it would be great for bobby pins, clippies, and hair ties.


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