Monday, October 15, 2012

Vera Bradley Kitchen Collection - What I Bought

 Last Thursday Vera Bradley launched their Kitchen collection, so I headed to the local mall to check it out.  I was excited to see Provencal since I recently decided that I think that I want Provencal Placemats and Fiesta Dinnerwarefor my dining set.  Hallmark and Vera Bradley were both part of the Sweet Treat promotion where you pull out a paper cookie from a cookie jar and you open it up to see what kind of discount you received.  Anywhere from $5-$50 off your purchase.  

First stop was Hallmark, where I drew a $5 off coupon.  I picked up a Provencal Tea Towel and a Caitlyn in Limes Up because it was 40% off.  Then I headed to Vera Bradley to pick up the rest of the stuff I wanted.  I bought the Oven Mitt set and a bunch of ornaments.  I got a Provencal ornament for myself and Provencal & English Rose for my mom.  I got a $25 off coupon at the Vera Bradley store! And as a nice little gift they were giving out recipe cards with recipes from Barbara and Patricia.  They were also asking at the register if I would like to round up my purchase to the nearest dollar to donate to the Vera Bradley Foundation, what a nice little way to make a difference this month.  They had information cards about the Foundation out at the register as well.  And last but not least, they had cookies from Cookie Cottage in all of the new colors, so I grabbed on in English Rose...yum! Check out all the photos below!

Starting off with the good stuff, here is what I picked up:

Vera Bradley Foundation handout, Cookie and Recipe Cards

Vera Bradley store!

Kitchen Display

More kitchen items


The store had a little bit of a different layout this time.  The bags are now arranged by 'story' so I heard. So baby bags are together, computer bags, etc.

I could have dumped the whole platter in my purse!  Took some will power to only take one :)

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