Thursday, March 8, 2012

What I Bought from the Vera Bradley Spring Sale

Last week I picked up a few items on Leap Day.  Vera Bradley was going to put items on sale the next day for 25% off for their Spring Sale, but they started the sale a few hours early and I was able to take advantage of the Leap Day sale that was 20% off all sale items.  So I scored! 

I picked up a Pleated Tote in Tea Garden, Katherine Sunglasses in Lemon Parfait and a couple notepads and a couple little cards so that my total would qualify for free shipping.  

Pleated Tote $80, sale $60, final price $48
Sunglasses $65, sale $48.75, final price $39
Pocket Stickies $9, sale $6.75, final price $5.40
Little Note Cards $3.50, sale $2.62, final price $2.10

Total would have been $170, but I only paid $102! Plus free shipping, bonus! What a deal! 

Did you know that you can split up your order and have it shipped to multiple addresses without paying extra?  I wanted to send the Pocket Stickies to my Mom's house because she puts together care packages for my sister and I bought them for her.  So I just added my Mom's address and had those shipped directly to her.  So easy and I loved that I didn't have to pay extra for it!

 Vera Bradley box

Receipt and postcard about their current giveaway 

Pleated Tote, Little Cards & Sunglasses 

Got these cards so that I could get over $100 and I love the bike picture inside! 

My new sunglasses!  Love them! 


  1. Wow I'm so jealous of your awesome haul!

  2. I just missed the 25% off sale by a few hours, but I called Vera and they said they wouldn't give me anything else off (I did score the 20% off). Bummer. What disappointed me most was that the customer service rep had "attitude" which I had never experienced before when calling Vera. I guess I'll chalk it up to the fact she was having a bad day.

  3. I have those sunglasses - love them! However, they aren't good to put up on your head because the nose pieces catch hair. I use my Elizabeth glasses (Yellow Bird and Daisy Daisy -- because you NEED black and brown glasses) almost daily for this reason -- my Lemon Parfait glasses get worn on "special occassions"

  4. Love the Tea Garden Pleated Tote ;) I have it too. The mix of colors with the color shades is awesome. Coordinates well with twirly bird pink accessories too. Love your blog too. Thanks for all the info Allison!!


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