Thursday, March 1, 2012

Vera Bradley Update for Summer/Fall

Posting was a little light last week...but hopefully this post will make up for it.  Thanks to the readers who sent in pieces of information!  It is a little bit of everything and I dont have any other information other than what is posted.

All current patterns except Suzani, Rhythm & Blues, Camellia, Ellie Blue & Island Blooms will retire by the end of the year!

There will be 6 colors for fall, with two separate releases.

 Lots of styles retiring. Retiring styles by end of year: Villager, On the Go, Garment, Weekender, Clutch Wallet, Attaché, Gallery Wallet, Hat Box Cosmo, Chain Lanyard, Mini Hipster, Coin & Key, Saddle Up, Rachel & Side By Side.

There will be bedding but only full-queen & twin. Stadium blankets will be back, throw pillows Dorm Room Rugs, Lap Desk, iPhone cases (hard & silicone), Microfiber in Black, Wine & Chili Pepper, spa wraps, towel sets shower caddy's, hat, scarfs & head warmers are back & there will be gloves.

Promos backsacks, nail files, kisslock coin purse! There will be a cute promo bag before Easter that will be in the Summer colors and cute for kids. The Grand Traveler will be at a promo price, $20 bucks off.  No dates for the promos yet. 

Black Rolling Luggage is being redesigned again. Luggage in Indigo Pop & Paisley Meets Plaid.

Laundry bags will be $49.

New tote, can't remember the name, but it looks like a sideways Vera tote, very simple.

Summer - Picnic baskets were cute, a little pricey, but cute.  Visors are coming back, but only in summer colors. And a ping pong set!

No new Frill for spring and probably not for summer. They are doing very few Frill in signature colors (hatbox cosmo, luggage tags). The rest of frill will be in the A-Z Vera collection.


  1. Do you have any idea why they are retiring so many prints??

  2. OMG, my beloved Deco Daisy will be retiring? I can't believe they are retiring the weekender. I hope they are going to redo the weekender--like putting a sleeve on one of the ends so it can attach to rolling luggage

    Boo for not having king sized bedding

    Yay for iPhone cases though

  3. Alison, Thanks so much for posting! I have no idea how you get this information, but I am a retailer, and even I don't have it yet! Your blog has been one my best resources. Thank you!

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  5. So Rosie Posies will be retiring? Island Blooms is my favorite so YAY! Thanks so much Allison

  6. Some of this is surprising, some of it not. I get the impression from the three stores I visit locally, that Rosy Posies isn't very popular. I wouldn't be surprised by it retiring this year. I'm not as excited about the bedding and towels and stuff. I like my stadium blanket, but I don't think my husband would tolerate it as bedding! :)

  7. Is anything of this set in stone? I mean about the amount of patterns and bags going? I guess it killed me a few years ago when they let 5 patterns go and I liked 4 of them. There are still pieces in Calypso that I havn't been able to get. I looked at it and if that's true then there's 4 patterns going that I like and 2 bags. So I just hope that when things go it doesn't kill me $$$ wise.

  8. I think it's crazy that you know all of this stuff so far ahead of time, but it gets me totally excited (and impatient!!) to see all of the new stuff! And I agree with the girls above, pictures!! please! =)

  9. I love my attaché, but Vera has brought out a lot of bags with room for laptops. What I DO love about my attaché is that there is LOTS of room for the cords as well as an iPad. Thrilled about the bedspreads--I've been lobbying for that. I use my beach towel as a bath towel, so I hope they have hand towels and wash cloths in current patterns so I can complete my set. (For those who will miss the old stuff, try eBay and craigslist -- lots of brisk trading there!)

  10. This is sooooooooo exciting!! How do you know all of these things?! I am SO SO SO excited for bedding!

  11. So sad to hear that On the Go and Saddlebag will be leaving. They are my 2 favorite styles. No new frill either? I love Frill bags for summer with their easy to keep clean laminated handles. Excited for new fall colors- the previews were stunning!

  12. Wow that is overwhelming. It's like they are rebranding themselves. Too many changes.

  13. It sounds like a lot of colors to retire, but if you think about it.. VB is introducing 4 new Summer colors, 6 Fall colors, and, I'd assume, 4 more Winter colors before the year is over. Adding 14 new colors would mean quite a few have to go to make room. I'm wondering if a few of those bag styles are just being restyled. Lot's to look forward to!

  14. Looks like a cross body DSLR camera bag in the promo (the one with mesh pockets). Any word on a camera bag!

    1. Yes, there is going be a camera bag with the Summer colors...I am surprised it isnt up under "What's New" but I guess they will add it soon!

  15. I am truly excited about the fall colors! Can't wait to see them in person. I have the new Laura bag & am LOVING it... Have had so many compliments, which is great because I was worried it maybe looked like an old lady bag LOL!! Would love to see more Paisley prints... Can NEVER have enough Paisley!!
    Thanks for the info!


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