Friday, March 23, 2012

From My Readers Friday - BlackBerry Cell Phone Cases

OhMyVera reader Karen sent in a photo of these great Vera Bradley phone covers that she made to go with all of her bags.  She used Mod Podge and Vera Bradley fabric to make them.  I might have to try this out since I decided to buy an Otterbox to protect my phone...I could add a little Vera to it to make it my own.  

Thanks Karen! 


  1. Those are great! She could open a store on Etsy with these.

  2. Where do they get the fabric at?

  3. I was just looking on vera and the clare dosent come in ellie blue! Are they already discontinuing it?

  4. I was wondering the same thing as Kim, where did the fabric come from?

  5. You could always buy the napkins and use those for the fabric :)

  6. It is amazing how creative people are - this weekend at A Colorful Day we saw girls with jewelry, clothes and shoes all in Vera prints. They must use napkins or scarves for it.

    Oh and Iphone cases are coming in July! I have been strictly anti-Iphone but I think I am going to breakdown and upgrade to that after hearing that news.

  7. Hello, Is there a way I can get ahold of this Karen? I would love to purchase an iPhone 4 case from her in kensington if possible?

    1. Is there a way you can have her email me?


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