Friday, December 30, 2011

From My Readers Friday - Courtney's Vera Bradley Quilt

So I actually get quite a bit of emails from readers, which I think is a lot of fun.  I know sometimes it might take me a day or two...or three to get back to you depending on how busy I am, but I really do like getting email from you all!  And once and a while you will send in great photos that are Vera related and I try to share all of them on the blog.  Well I was thinking that maybe every Friday I will start featuring some of those photos with a post I will call From My Readers Friday.  We will see if this lasts or not, mostly it will depend on if emails keep rolling feel free to email me at  Not everything will be able to be posted on the blog, but I will try my best to post as many of them as possible. 
So let's kick off my first From My Readers Friday with some photos of an amazing Vera Bradley quilt that Courtney emailed to me.  Her mother made her a beautiful quilt using Very Berry Paisley & Pink Elephants material along with some coordinating non Vera Bradley material.  I really love the colors!  You can really tell her mom did a great job making the quilt.  I love special handmade gifts like this!  My mom made me a quilt when I graduated from college and it is one of my favorite gifts. 
Thanks for sharing Courtney!



  1. beautiful! she did an awesome job! if only Vera Bradley makes quilts like this I'll buy it in a snap. ;)

  2. How creative! I would never have thought to combine those colors, but it turned out really well! :)

  3. I saw a homemade Vera quilt for sale on ebay the other day. It was awesome. I didn't see the final price but it was well over $100. I wish I could quilt!


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