Monday, December 12, 2011

Betsy & Little Betsy Sale

Today and tomorrow (Dec 12 & 13) Betsy is on sale for $29.99 and Little Betsy is on sale for $19.99.  Sale available at, Vera Bradley stores & outlets.  

If you like this style bag, pick one up now.  Rumor is that it is being retired and wont be restyled so the closest bag you will have to a Betsy is a Mandy.  We shall see when they release the new styles.  


  1. Thanks for the sale info. I bought several betsys when I realized they were being retired. I might get one or 2 more at this great price. I'm so's my favorite Vera bag ever. Unfortunately, I don't like the Mandy as's not as comfortable to carry for some reason

  2. The one I want is sold out. boo hoo


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