Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thanksgiving Sales and Retiring Colors and Styles

Vera Bradley has some great sales coming up!  

Click here to check out the Vera Bradley Outlet Sale - Starting November 24.

Click here to see the retiring colors and styles that will be going on sale for 25% on November 25.  
Colors: Symphony in Hue, Buttercup, Twirly Birds Pink, English Meadow and Night & Day
Styles: Sunglasses, Have a Ball Keychain, Wristlet, Jewelry Box, Kiss and Make Up, Brush and Pencil, Alice, Bowler, Betsy, Gabby, Cooler, Little Betsy, Emma and One for the Money.  
Don't worry, some of these are just being restyled! 


  1. There are a couple of styles on there that I'm really kind of shocked to see go. The brush and pencil is a classic along with the Betsy's. And oh god not my favorite! The Emma is my absolute favorite. Looks like it'll be a good time to stock up.

  2. NOOOO....keep symphony in hue. That's MY PATTERN!

  3. The bowler is my favorite bag. I'm sad that they're retiring it. I don't like the squared away nearly as much!

  4. Wow, English Meadow didn't last long. I'm surprised.

  5. Is the sale for the outlet stores the same for online? I would really love to get a hipster for only $29.99 and a bookbag for $39.99!!

  6. FYI when I was at the Columbia, MD store, they showed me a catalog of the new re-designed/improved items -- bowler, brush & pencil, sorry I can't remember the others...

  7. Is the cooler really being retired!? That's a big shocker, almost every girl in my class has one of those in a lunch box! It's one of their bestsellers, I would have thought it would've lasted much longer!


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