Sunday, November 13, 2011

Black...err...Bright Friday Holiday Tote

Doing any shopping on Black Friday (Nov 25th)? Vera Bradley will be giving you a little extra incentive...with every purchase over $100 you can get their Holiday Tote in Suzani (retail $48) for free.  It will be available at Vera Bradley stores and participating retailers.  

Click here for look at this beautiful tote! 

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  1. I totally can't wait for Black Friday, er should I say Bright Friday? I'm hoping to score a sale priced grand traveler and maybe a turn lock wallet in one of the sale colors. My local store said they are allowing sale items to count toward the $100 purchase, but ymmv.

  2. Hey Alison,
    Do you know if the VB outlets are going to have any special sales/ deals?

  3. I like that this tote has pockets inside. The ones from previous years did not. Looks like a nice one!

  4. Will Vera Bradley be doing this deal for online orders too?

  5. Will the holiday tote come in other patterns too? Is it a new tote in the line?

  6. According to VB's website, the holiday tote promotion is only at Vera Bradley stores and "participating retailers," so no, I do not think this will be valid for online orders. On the bright side, hopefully the website will have some good sales/ specials!

    I don't think there are other colors available, though I could be wrong. But by the looks of the ad, it seems like it will just be Suzani (like last year's holiday tote was made only in Baroque). I'm not sure if VB will adopt the design as part of the line. Again, I'd guess probably not, but I'm not sure.


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