Monday, March 14, 2011

Vera Bradley's Official Summer 2011 Sneak Peak

March 24th is the release date for the Summer 2011 collection! That is just around the corner. Vera Bradley has posted their official sneak peak on Inside Stitch, click here to check it out. There are even videos of each color, so make sure to check it out! I dont think that I could pick a favorite from the Summer collection, but I am looking forward to seeing them in person.

The Summer 2011 Catalog is available to see online at
Click here to see the catalog.


  1. Cannot wait! I got my leftover Xmas money burning a hole in my pocket! LOL

  2. bummer... i was hoping the catalog would show the new frill... guess i'll have to wait until june or july... i think it was last july when the frill came out... i love frill!

  3. The catalog makes me consider bags I never would have chosen. Especially the Deco Daisy!


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