Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Vera Bradley Summer 2011 YouTube Video

I love the video that Vera Bradley put together for the Summer colors! You have to check it out. Plus it also give a small preview of what is still to come this summer...a few new colors of canvas bags, frill (Deco Daisy!) and it looks like maybe straw and nylon collections!


  1. Hey Alison do you have any idea when the nylon and straw bags will be released? I just love when Vera does a few bags a little different than the rest!!

  2. Sorry, I havent seen dates for those yet. As soon as I do I will post them.

  3. My retailer says that the Straw Collection will be out in stores April 7th. Hope that helps.

    I love your blog!!

    You can see some other dates as well, check out

  4. Thanks Jennifer!!! That is so helpful!

  5. looks like i saw a purple tootsie!!!! what's up with the solid colors though???? and what other colors besides purple will there be?


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