Monday, August 19, 2013

OhMyVera Spring Preview for Vera Bradley - Clementine

This December Vera Bradley will be previewing one of their new Spring prints in Vera Bradley stores and at participating retailers.  Clementine, described as: 'Bold, playful florals in citrus tones dance in springily, hand-drawn clusters on a field of white.  Inside, an ikat-inspired patter lends a global feel,' will be available in select new styles and some current styles for this limit preview.

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  1. Love the flowers but not the color. I find that bubblegum pink color so hard to wear.

  2. First color I've liked in a few seasons!

  3. Not too fond of this one.

  4. Alison , do you think there will still be a regular spring preview ? I have been expecting one to pop up soon !

  5. Sadly, not fond. I am really cross that I have to wait until September 19 (maybe, who knows if it will change) for Olivia Pink.


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