Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

I hope all the mothers reading this had a great Mother's Day! 
One of the great things about being back in California is being closer to my family.  While I didnt get to spend Mother's Day with my mom and I did get to spend it with my grandma, aunt and uncle, and my cousins.  My aunt owns just a couple of Vera Bradley bags, so I was surprised when we both showed up carrying Island Blooms bags!  
The very first Vera I ever bought was a Bermuda Blue Vera tote for my mom to use at work since she is a nurse.  The one in the photo below is the second one I bought her to replace the first one, but this Mother's Day I went with a new color and bought her a Midnight Blues Vera tote.  She loved it!  I bought it back when the stores had a promotion to get two Clip Zip ID cases for free, so I got her one in Indigo Pop because that the time they were out of Midnight Blues. 
What did everyone else give/get for Mother's Day?  
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  1. I got my mom a weekender in Lilli Bell and she was over the moon excited. She doesn't travel much but she really wanted one and with the great promotion they had earlier this month, I couldn't pass it up! :)

    1. That was a great deal, glad you were able to take advantage of it for Mother's Day! I am sure you mom will love it for travel, my mom uses a weekender when she travels and loves it.

  2. I was able to exchange my horribly made leather trimmed Patricia bag for a new one on Sunday so that was great even though the drive to the store was 2 hours. I also got a Flap Hipster in Sun Valley and my daughter bought a few accessories. Enough to qualify us for the $20 "gift" card promo. Don't know if we will make it back in a months time but we will try. I want to get an eyeglass case and it would only cost me $2. (and I would hold strong and not buy anything else).


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