Thursday, March 21, 2013

Vera Bradley Summer 2013 Collection Releases TODAY

 The Summer 2013 collection comes out today! Lots of exciting things going on.  

First you can get 2 free Clip Zip ID cases when you spend $85 or more online, in stores or at participating retailers. If you are shopping online they will be added to your cart automatically and then you can go in and change the colors you want. 

If you are shopping online, you should use Ebates to get cash back!  You will also get a $10 gift card once you make your first $25 or more purchase!  So that combined with your cash back is quite a deal! Click here to sign up! 

Two more QVC shows today: 11am & 7pm

Summer 2013: Inside Prints

What is everyone getting??

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  1. Well, first, I'm going to a local retailer who is a PLATINUM retailer for Vera Bradley. They get all the adorable first day giveaways--the tiny kisslock change purse, eyeglass cloths, nail files etc. So once I scope it all out, THEN I may buy online to get the ZIP IDs! (Unless they offer it too!)

  2. My girlfriend and I are off to the Glendale Americana to check out the new colors. I have no idea if they will have any of those goodies. Plan on looking at the Marina Paisley pattern, Laura purse. Wondering if VB is introducing any new purses?
    Should be a fun morning of shopping with lunch.

  3. I got a few things (all in the new Tutti Frutti pattern); Cassidy, Push lock wristlet, Little Hipster, the new baby Bunny and the Bunny and Bear book for my niece for Easter. Then I was eligible for the two clip zip ID's and gave one to my Bestie whom went with me to the store today! I was a little upset that our store didn't have the yummy cookies, only water and home made brownies! Oh well, we were a few of the first women in the store so I was able to "look thru all the pattern placements" and pick out the best ones! :o)

  4. I got the Cassidy in Lilli Bell today, with coin purses in Lilli Bell and Tutti Frutti, which gave me the 2 free clip zip ID's....I got one in Lilli Bell and one in Tutti Frutti. They were my favorite patterns. I have to say that there were a lot of younger women shopping today, and they all seemed to LOVE Sun Valley. I use all my Vera: from Pink Elephants to Folkloric to Plum Crazy to Ribbons, on and on.

  5. I went to see the new patterns, Sun Valley was my favorite but I didn't like it in all the styles. I thought it looked better on the Vera than on the Tote for example. I didn't love it on the Little Hipster, but I liked it on the Clare. Don't ask me why :) I wanted to buy an Accordion Wallet in Sun Valley but neither store I went to had it in the new patterns. And it seems that the Lizzy isn't being made in the new patterns, soon to be discontinued then? I bought 2 Pill Cases, so glad VB made these. And the Vera in Sun Valley. I didn't think I would like the other new patterns but as per usual I liked them when I saw them in person.

  6. Just ordered a Little Hipster and Cosmetic Trio in Tutti Frutti this morning!!! :)

  7. I got:

    Tutti Frutti:
    -pushlock wristlet
    -large colorblock tote
    -clip zip id case
    -kiss n snap wallet

    Lilli Bell:
    -clip zip id case
    -pushlock wallet

    Mariana paisley:
    -clip zip id case

    I went to a local retailer today since they were having a huge store sale. Everything was at least 20% off, even summer colors! VB Baby stuff was excluded from sale. The local retailer also offered in-house monogramming - I got my large colorblock tote monogrammed in less than an hour! They also had more fonts and colored threads to choose from for the monogramming! No waiting two weeks for a monogram for me!


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