Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Friends on Facebook - Vera Bradley Employee Interview

Got an email about a week ago...well maybe two weeks ago, I am a little behind...from Nathan Gotsch from Friends on Facebook about an interview he did with his sister who works at Vera Bradley.  For a little background, Nathan has a podcast and interviews his most interesting Facebook friends.  He recently interviewed his sister, Amanda Campbell, and they talk about everything from growing up and going to college to starting a career and having a baby.  It is a really fun interview and I really enjoying hearing the parts about Vera Bradley.  I think you will too!  The Vera Bradley part comes a little later in  the interview, but it is worth listening to the whole thing.  

Check it out: http://friendsonfacebookpodcast.com/post/44528965068/nathan-sits-down-with-his-sister-amanda-campbell

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