Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Large Colorblock Tote on Ebags

Update: This deal is no longer available
Ebags has the Large Colorblock Tote available today (supposed to be released Feb 21) and has it for 20% off! It retails for $65, but you can get it for $52 today! Also if you use Ebates you will get 6% cash back on your purchase. 

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  1. I like this a lot, but I would want mine monogrammed! So I think I'll wait to buy from VB.

  2. I just ordered it in Midnight Blues
    I am not planning on getting this monogrammed

  3. Unfortunately, I can't find it on their site tonight.

    1. Someone contacted customer service and was told it sold out, I think that they were asked to remove it until Feb 21 when it is supposed to be released.

  4. Glad I got mine. I love it and use it as my gym bag

  5. I would love to see someone holding this! Everywhere I look there is different measurements, and I can't decide between this and the small color block. I need it to hold a couple books and a binder, maybe a thin sweater. Can anyone help? I may need to try and get to a store when I can. Thanks :)


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