Wednesday, August 13, 2014

August 28 - Moon Bloom and Ink Blue

The next two Vera Bradley colors will be coming out on August 28th! Moon Bloom and Ink Blue! 
If you go to the Vera Bradley website, you can preview these colors (main print on Ink Blue and inside print of Moon Bloom) on the Perfectly Puffy Reversible Tote.
Moon Bloom Glenna

Ink Blue Reversible Tote (color listed as Navy for perfectly puff bags)
Vera Bradley is now available at Macy's!  If you check out Macy's online you will see that they currently have the Moon Bloom pattern available in the Glenna and in the reversed print Slim Strap Tote.

Update 8/16: Macy's took down their Moon Bloom print bags, but you can shop Zappos for both colors! 
Macy's has bonus cash back right now on Ebates, 10%! Remember to use it when you shop online.

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  1. A Moon Blooms Glenna is exactly what I wanted! Thanks for finding and posting the pic. Counting the days to the release!


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