Friday, June 27, 2014

Vera Bradley Special Collection: Courtney Silk Polka Dot Purses

Throughout the years Vera Bradley has had many special collections, one of my favorites is the Seaside collection...a red, white and blue canvas version of Pinwheel Pink.  It is such a great summer print!
Today we are going to talk about the Courtney Collection.  They are silk purses (one is a tote style and the other is a one strap shoulder bag) with polka dots.  They came in three colors: Pineapple (yellow), Hibiscus (pink) and Caribbean (blue).  The collection also included a small wallet that was striped, like the edge of the tote style purse.  I am having a hard time finding the date, but I am thinking this was from the early 2000's.  If someone knows the date, please leave a comment on this blog post.
One thing to mention about these special collections, is that Vera Bradley does not include them on their website on the retired colors page.  With a little digging around on the internet you can usually figure out what you have.
I had a blog reader contact me about this special collection, because when she contacted Vera Bradley Customer Service she was told the bag was a fake!  While it would certainly be easy for someone at Vera Bradley to not be aware of all the special collections from the past, I was surprised that they weren't able to find a supervisor or someone who knew that the bag was an actually Vera Bradley bag.  It might be nice if the customer service center had some sort of resource for past collections to properly answer questions. 
 The blue purse below, is the photo submitted to me by the OhMyVera reader.  I searched the internet and found the other two, to show you all the colors and both styles, along with the wallet.


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  1. These are beautiful! I have never seen them before, thanks for posting them. �� ��

  2. Those ARE rare! I do wish that they'd bring back the inventory feature of their site - you could actually track which pieces you had in which pattern! SO comprehensive, so useful -- and so helpful when reviewing your wish list. Hello? Is anyone in Fort Wayne listening?! Happy weekend to you Alison. xo

  3. I have a Palm Beach Gardens purse and a purse in Vintage Rose from their special collections.. wish they still did special collections...

  4. Thanks for sharing. I like the blue one. Too bad the customer service at VB just blew it off as being fake. That is not good.

  5. I have the blue wallet. Purchased in probably 2002 or 2003 on clearance at a local store. First Vera piece I ever bought.


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