Monday, April 21, 2014

Alison's Jamberry Nail Party!

Have you heard about Jamberry Nails? Well you are in luck! This week I am hosting an online party!
They are heat activated vinyl wraps that adhere to your fingernails (as well as gel, acrylic, shellac, etc.) and last on your fingernails for up to TWO WEEKS and your toenails for up to SIX WEEKS! They do not chip like polish and there's no drying time! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!? Yay! One sheet will give you up to 4 applications (manicures and/or pedicures) with each application costing under $4! Are you loving this yet?!?

I discovered Jamberry Nails when my friend hosted a party.  I love all the different styles of of nail decals they have! There is something for everyone and the first thing I thought of was Vera Bradley prints! They are so fun!  Definitely check them out! 

Different styles for everyone!

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