Monday, March 10, 2014

Vera Bradley and UNIQLO T-Shirts and Sleeveless Tunics

Vera Bradley and UNIQLO have partnered to make Vera Bradley tunics and t-shirts!  They are available online at just search for Vera Bradley.
Tunics are $19.90 and shirts are also just $19.90.

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  1. OMG! I bet moms will love having tops to match their babies' dresses!!

  2. Went to the site and looked at them. Won't be on buy list. Don't like the V-neckline or overall look. Maybe they would look better if shown on a model.

  3. Alison do you own any of these? There are no reviews on how they fit

    1. I did order two of the sleeveless tunics and they are being delivered today, so I will try them on when I get home and let you know!

    2. Well? How'd they fit? True to size? Stretchy? Sturdy material?

    3. They didn't arrive. They are marked delivered in Virginia and I am in California! So hopefully they arrive soon!

    4. i went according to the sizing chart and got L, and it was too big. they did arrive very quickly though! within 2 days! i am returning them for M. they are a little stretchy; very soft and comfortable.

  4. What, I ordered four today, my plan is the t shirts will be good with a basic jean skirt and white summer skirt. I am on the larger size (XL) so I will also come back and post how they fit when I receive them.

  5. Thanks for posting, I ordered 4 today. I am an XL so I will also come back and post how the sizing works for plus sizes.

  6. I was at the Uniqlo store in San Francisco (on Powell st, near Union Square) this weekend, and pleasantly surprised that they had these Vera t-shirts and tunics in most colors & sizes! You can find them near the cashers on the main floor, so if you live near by, you should totally check these out :)

  7. I hope MY VERA SISTERS on here see my review. I received my t shirts today. I Ordered four on Sunday 3/16/14 and I received them today 3/18/14 in Maryland. I posted a detailed review on the QVC Vera Bradley message board. with pictures....but here are the highlights.

    COLORS: I ordered 4 - two T shirts and two Tunics. The T shirt is short sleeve about 2 inches from your shoulder down your upper arm. The tunic is slightly A line and gets wider at the bottom but it is not obviously A line. The prints look EXACTLY like the purses. The colors are VIBRANT and their is a print in the front and back of the tunics and tops.

    FIT: I am a QVC XL or 1X, I am going to be detailed in the fit department to help you if you are interested in ordered. I am not full busted and I do not have a large stomach. But I am full in the arms and I am a large size person. If I am ordered a QVC t shirt I order an XL if I am ordering a tunic (which falls over the hips I NEED A 1X). I am pear shaped; which is a person with small top and big lower half.

    The XL t-shirt fit me but I would say the largest the XL could fit is a QVC XL or a small 1X. If you love VB and are a true 1X, you can order but don't be accept that you might have to return the top...unless you create slips at the hem on both sides which will make the top larger.

    The TUNIC, I was pleasantly surprised, I DID NOT EXPECT this to fit over my hips. I does fit but and the fabric is a bit stretchy. I would say, if you are over a size 20 pants this may not fit. The length of the tunic is about 31 inches and covers the hips and behind and can be worn over leggings. If you are a large QVC size, you could order the XL to wear over leggings. For me, I will try it on over jeans to determine if I Need to have slips put in at the bottom, right now I don't think I will need to do that. FINAL REVIEW - I am VERY VERY PLEASED with both items. I went back tonight and ordered two more. I will post pictures of the items in a few minutes.

    Link to pictures on QVC -


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