Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Vera Bradley's Sleek and Chic Wallet in Clementine

I ordered the Vera Bradley Sleek and Chic wallet from eBags when they posted it a little earlier than they were supposed to.  I was excited to check out this new style wallet! Plus I love this bright cheery color.  The wallet is 4" x 7" and retails for $38.
First off, I totally forgot to take a photo of the front...oops.  You will have to check out eBags or Vera Bradley to see the front. 
This is the back, it has a slide in pocket for anything you would want to easily get to without opening your wallet all the way.

Hard to tell in this photo, but there was sticky gunk on the back of the wallet, so it got returned, bummer.

When you open it, the bottom part stays snapped to the middle part.  So  you don't have to open it up all the way if you just need something from the top part of the wallet.  Then you can store the cards you don't use as much in the part that is still snapped.

Here is the wallet laying flat open. 
I think that this wallet would work really well for me! I will have to try it out again later.  For now I will just use the Accordion Wallet I have and maybe the free Turn Lock Wallet I am planning on picking up tomorrow night!
Has anyone else tried it out?  Leave a comment and let us know if you like it!

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  1. I haven't tried it but got my free wallet tonight :). The turn lock I have currently have has the similar yucky gunk on it but I didn't notice it before I used it. Think I got it off amazon. Wonder if it is something common when not purchasing straight from Vera?


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