Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Vera Bradley Store - St. Louis Galleria

Last weekend I traveled to St. Louis to be in my friend Olivia's wedding and I was lucky enough to have some time on Saturday to go to the Galleria mall to check out the Vera Bradley store!  My friend Katie and Leah went with me and Leah even bought her first piece of Vera (Home and Away Cosmetic).  We didn't have a lot of time, but I did snap a few photos before we left.
A new outlet store just opened in St. Louis but we didn't have enough time to get over there as well.
Outside of the store

Entry way - that is us in the mirror!
Plaque on the wall - St. Louis was the hometown of Vera Bradley
Katie and Leah sitting in the entryway
Photo of from the front corner of the store towards the back register

Seating area

Front window

Sale items in bins
 This marks my 9th Vera Bradley store!  So far I have been to: Hawaii, San Francisco, Glendale, Roseville, Tysons Corner, Bethesda, Columbia and Towson!  10th if you count the outlet store in Leesburg.  I can't wait to visit others I haven't been to yet.

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  1. Neat! Thanks for sharing, I live in St. Louis but never been to the galleria VB store, it's actually 45 ish mins away from where I live within St. Louis. I did apply to the new Vera Bradley store at the premium outlets (Didn't get hired.. boo hoo! lol!) One of these day's I plan on visiting the galleria one and the new one, I have yet to step foot inside an actual outlet store, usually I will go to a retailer like Hallmark, or plato's closet which have been the nearest ones to me. I also never knew that St. Louis was the hometown of Vera Fox Bradley. I'm surprised this town doesn't have more outlets, except for the two that we have, but at least we have two. :)

  2. Hey, Alison, I think you should do a US tour and visit EVERY Vera Bradley store and meet your Facebook fans! I'll take care of you in Rochester, NY (our new store is smaller than in St. Louis, but ALWAYS packed!) And I can hook you up with my relatives if you decide to visit the VB store in TOKYO!


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