Friday, July 5, 2013

Vera Bradley Store - Roseville, CA

After I posted the photos from the new Rochester store, I realized that I dont think that I have posted many photos of the Roseville, CA store.   One of the last times I was there I was able to take a few photos of the furniture, but should have took a few more so you could see how big the store is!  It has a great layout is pretty large in comparison to the other stores I have been to. 

They are on a corner, so they have a sign up on the brick wall, plus this hanging sign.  I have better storefront photos, but this one I took the same day as the others. 

This dresser was displaying the cell phone colors that were made in classic colors from past seasons.  They also use it during parties, at the last party it displayed the popcorn and water.  

Couch, chairs and coffee table.  There is a small tub of toys under the coffee table that my friend Amber's niece and nephew you find every time they are with us.  

 Beautiful white cabinet, displaying an assortment of items, plus a round ottoman.  I really want a round ottoman like one from a Vera Bradley store!

The desk filled with stationary. 

I will take more photos next time I go! 

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  1. I'd love that desk ... and I'll take all the stationery, too! The couch setup is very similar to my local store.


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