Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Vera Bradley's Throwing a Pajama-rama!

Over the weekend I got my invite to the next Vera Bradley party, a pajama-rama! 

The envelop has a cutout in the middle of the purple flower so that you can see the Heather print from the card. 

The front of the invitation shows the new bedding and pajamas!  The pillows in the air are Heather, Jazzy Blooms, Cocoa Moss and Midnight Blues. 

The inside of the card

Close up of the text.  This party is from 10pm to Midnight! That is past my bedtime, haha.  Maybe I will take a nap when I get home from work :) 

The back of the card.  I will have to keep it and use it for something crafty. 

Looking forward to attending this party with my good friend Amber! 

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  1. i got mine yesterday, but in my city the party is from 6 to 8

  2. Got a party invite yesterday but our store is doing a Girlfriends party, later this month is the PJ party. Our store does everything so different. Miami gets dibs first then here in Orlando. It's cool though. And I'm an Amber too lol


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