Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Vera Bradley Fall 2013 - Campus Prep Launch & Back to Campus Launch

Vera Bradley is making me want to go back to school!  On June 27 there will be the Campus Prep Launch (last year it was all of the dorm items) and July 9 will be the Back to Campus Launch. 

I love the desk lamp in the photo!  I haven't seen that yet and I do not have the price.  

These are the puffy bags that were in the survey not too long ago.  They were referred to as Perfectly Puffy, so we will see if they keep that name.  I definitely want one of these bags! I dont have the price for these either. 

 Bubble Umbrellas are super cute! Retail: $40
Neoprene Laptop Case and Medium Tablet Sleeves. Retail $54 & $38. I am so glad that they are coming out with these.  I havent bought a Vera Bradley laptop sleeve yet because I love my Neoprene case that I use.  It just feels more protected that way to me.  Now I will have to check these out! 
What fall items are you looking forward to? 

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  1. Oh, I like!!! The prints seem much more... "mod" - Cute!

  2. Very curious about the perfectly puffy line. I also love the desk lamp :)

  3. Did they show any binders,notebooks,etc?

  4. Excited! So, quick question: I remember a month or so back there were pictures of some campus items in Olivia Pink, just wondering if these items are going to be in all of the fall 2013 colors or just the three mentioned above? If not, when do you think the other 3 will be released (clearly trying to get my hands on Olivia Pink things lol)?

  5. Will you be starting a facebook page for the 2013 outlet sale? It would be incredibly helpful for those of us first-timers at the sale.

  6. I'm thinking about a bubble umbrella! I wish they had those in more colors; I would love to have one of those in Plum Crazy!!!


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