Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Vera Bradley Cake

Stephanie one of my readers sent me some pictures last month of a cake that she made. She had emailed me asking about another Vera Bradley cake that I had posted on my blog before. She was looking for a purple cake. Her cake turned out really cute! I love the Baroque print! I hope that someday I have an occasion that calls for a fancy cake and that the cake is Vera Bradley themed! :) She even made coordinating cupcakes! This is really making me want a cupcake!

If you could have a Vera Bradley cake which pattern would you want?


  1. Very Berry Paisley or Twirly Bird Navy. Love them!

  2. I would want Call Me Coral, Make Me Blush, or anything with pink in it, really!

  3. Is it supposed to be a Knot Just a Clutch? And, why does the print have blues in it? Is it from the inside of the microfiber blue collection?

  4. I would have a Viva la Vera or Watercolor cake!!


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