Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!!! I hope that you all have a lovely Valentine's Day! This year I mailed out Valentine's to all of my friends who don't live in San Diego. It is a lot of fun to send out cards. I even mailed one to my sister in Ukraine...I hope she got it!
I decided to switch up bags today and carry my Cupcakes Pink Pleated Tote. I had been carrying my Twirly Birds Navy Pleated Tote for the last month. I just love the size of it. I decided to also put my Cupcakes Pink flower pin on my bag for some extra pizazz. But then I got an email from Vera Bradley saying that all Love Me is 50% off! Got me thinking maybe I should carry my Alice in Loves Me today. Guess it will be a last minute decision before I run out the door.

I also decided to make chocolate and strawberry cupcakes for my friends at work! I found them on the blog Tidy Mom. Click here for the recipe. I highly recommend these cupcakes! I tried one last night and they were soooo good. I decided that I had to have one for breakfast just to make sure that whip cream/strawberry centers weren't melty, but they were still creamy. I can't wait to share them at work!

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  1. I LOVE my Cupcakes pink pleated tote! I use it all the time! :)


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